3 Great Link Building Tips to Improve SEO

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3 Great Link Building Tips to Improve SEO
01.24.12 (6:55 am)   [edit]

We all know link building is an important factor in getting good results from SEO, though getting great links can be more difficult than it sounds. Below are 3 fantastic ways to get natural links from strong websites:

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for people in your niche is a great way of getting natural links from high quality websites. This method of link building can also bring a good amount of traffic and awareness of your site and raise your profile on social media sites. It is sustainable and free, unlike a lot of link building tactics out there.

Create a Directory in Your Niche

Running a directory is a fantastic way of raising awareness of your brand, getting good quality links and even some supplementary income as well. By creating a directory, you can charge people for ‘Featured’ listings, though the link building key is to offer ‘free’ links in return for a link back to your main site. This way you get a large amount of one way links from relevant sites, in return for a small investment to set the directory up.

Write a Blog

If you don’t have a blog on your website, then you need to get one. A blog opens up a huge amount of ways to garner links and interact with your community to raise your profile. You can write monthly summaries of your favourite posts on other blogs, create lists of the top bloggers in your niche or run competitions – the possibilities are endless! Blogs can attract links, traffic and a platform for social sharing which will soon influence link building too. Start blogging now!

If you’ve been struggling with your link building approach then these three tips above should provide you with a fantastic platform for a strong link profile and ranking success!

Tom Mcloughlin works for The WebMarketing Group, you can follow The WebMarketing Group on Twitter for more link building tips...


posted by: Clarinda (reply)
post date: 09.05.12 (3:34 pm)

That's an intelligent anwser to a difficult question xxx

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